ugly fat girl bikini woman pictures

ugly fat girl bikini woman pictures

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  • Kdude


    • yankeefan

      not a joke and maybe its a glander problem, funny how people laugh at these girls but then these gals should not put pics on the site,,most are pretty

    • yankeefan

      k dude dip wad does it get you horney?

  • yankeefan

    unfair to these girls that guess are paid to poise for pics..bless you girls

    • Sarah

      More like, “damn you girls”. They should be paying us for having to look at their disgusting bodies.

      • yankeefan

        cut the crap sara the high moralistic don’t have to look and these girls most have a glander problem..they get paid but shame on when you bend for the soap in the shower years from now

        • Jay

          LOL at glandular problem. That’s the excuse for every morbidly obese person; “I have a glandular/thyroid problem” “diet and exercise doesn’t work for me”

          Bullshit. Glandular/thyroid problems are treatable.