3 Interesting Facts about an MSN Degree

There is no doubt that our healthcare industry is growing faster than ever. With the introduction of Affordable Care Act, plus the fact that over 67 million people now have proper health insurance coverage, healthcare is now a lucrative career choice. A career in nursing is not only rewarding financially, but also very rewarding personally.

The growth in the healthcare industry has been followed by a big jump in the number of registered nurses pursuing higher degrees. In fact, a master of science in nursing is currently among the most popular degrees to pursue. Before you start your journey and acquire an MSN degree, however, here are three interesting facts you need to know.

Immediate Career Advancement

Do you know that more than 80% of MSN graduates get the promotion or the better jobs they have been after upon graduating? This is one of the most interesting facts about an MSN degree; it is one of the best degrees to pursue if you want to push your career in nursing forward.

The promotion also comes with the usual benefits, such as better rewards, more job prospects and of course the chance to enjoy flexible work schedules as a mid- to top-level manager in healthcare. On top of that, you also have the opportunity to pursue a career in healthcare management or make the jump to teaching and training altogether.

It’s Future-Proof

Take a closer look at masters in nursing program details from top universities such as The University of Arizona and you will quickly realize that today’s best courses are designed to be future-proof. There are talks about the government soon to introduce stricter regulations related to nursing. Having a master’s degree in nursing will help you prepare for future regulations better.

It doesn’t stop there either. A deeper look at the RN to MSN program details reveals that the master’s degree course is also helping nurses acquire the necessary skills to do management and become future leaders. These classes make the MSN degree that much more valuable if you want to secure better future in nursing.

It’s Incredibly Cool

Okay, let’s get trivial for a second and acknowledge the fact that a career in nursing is now very cool. Yes, having the ability to say that you’re a nurse means showing that you’re a compassionate and caring person. As mentioned before, the industry is changing. There are more male nursing students currently pursuing a master’s degree in nursing. Female nurses are not to be taken lightly either, with key positions across the industry now waiting for female professionals to fill them.

These are more than enough reasons to consider masters in nursing program details, as it could be the next big step to take. Not only will you be able to advance in your career, you will also be opening doors to management jobs, allow yourself more flexible work hours and boost your awesomeness in the process. With a median salary of over $90,000 a year, a career in nursing is also among the most rewarding available today, so find out more information about masters in nursing courses today.

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